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Our team is young, motivated and looking to create sustainable impact solutions for economically disadvantaged communities. We bring together expertise across multiple sectors including grassroots social impact, computer science, research and design.

The Team

Safiya Husain | CEO

Safiya began her impact journey studying anthropology at Sarah Lawrence College, moving on to complete her MSc in Evaluation.Since, she has worked in research, evaluation and communications across multiple international development organisations including 3ie, the UN and STiR Education.She is passionate about using research to amplify community voices, and believes strongly in the transformative power of listening.

When she's not at Karya, she's either out riding her horse, watching some reality TV or discovering new biriyani places.

Nidhi Kulkarni | Manager, Research and Social Mobility

Nidhi started her research journey studying industrial and product design, but has since expanded her practice to include many user centric fields such as exhibition design, virtual reality game design and user experience research. She is now focused on understanding the impact digital interactions can have on communities and using that knowledge to design meaningful interventions.

When she's not at Karya she's either at her pottery wheel, going down ridiculous wikipedia rabbit holes or spending an afternoon lounging at cubbon park.

Riday Chokshi | Manager, Research and Social Mobility

Having worked across academia, media, and impact investing, Riday is focused on research and evaluation for social interventions that push the envelope of the future of work (and workers) in India. He is passionate about the role of livelihoods, emerging technologies, and civil society in creating hyperlocal avenues for social mobility.

When he's not at Karya, he can be found practising theatre, reading, or swimming.